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Article: Diabetic foot - How to choose the right shoes

Piede diabetico - Come scegliere le scarpe giuste

Diabetic foot - How to choose the right shoes

Diabetic foot is a complication of diabetes and can have serious consequences, such as loss of a limb, if left untreated. It is caused by the combination of neuropathy and arterial disease which leads to poor circulation in the feet. Diabetic foot is a progressive condition that requires careful management to prevent further complications and ensure proper healing; Early diagnosis , prevention, treatment, and lifestyle changes all play an important role in managing this health problem .

Proper footwear is essential to keeping your feet healthy and avoiding potential injuries. However, many people are unaware that adopting footwear with certain characteristics can actually reduce the rate of foot-related problems.
The Yda shoes by Optima Molliter are recognized today among the most effective on the market also for the treatment and prevention of diabetes. Each Optima Molliter product is the result of a commitment that combines innovation, technological development, cooperation with the most common international scientific institutions and an authentic passion for personal well-being. The Wound Care Optima Molliter program in fact ranges from anti-fatigue footwear to wound decompression devices and, in combination with DFA Diabetic Foot Off-loaning Algoritm,
represents a valid tool to support healthcare workers in prevention and personal care.

Is it possible to do physical activity with diabetic foot?

Physical activity is an important part of diabetes management and can have a significant positive impact on its management. Regular physical activity helps to:

- improve insulin sensitivity

- lower blood sugar levels

- reduce stress and improve overall health.

- regulate weight which is an important factor in the prevention or management of diabetes.

Without the right pair of shoes you could be at risk of chafing, discomfort and even injury. That's why it's so important to choose a style of footwear that fits your feet correctly and allows you to move without any restrictions. With our right selection of shoes for diabetic foot, you can ensure that your feet are adequately supported and able to carry out daily activities in comfort.

Choose your favorite sneaker. 


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