When to wear Yda?

With Yda you don't need to ask yourself, "Where can I go with these shoes?" Slip them on and find out where they take you.

Created for everyday comfort, they're always ready for a stroll and a last-minute night out. Our Rocker Sole will get you straight to the finish line of your day, whether you're walking flat, up office stairs, zig-zagging your way through people on busy streets, or dancing to the beat. In all circumstances, the Rocker Yda bottom will cushion your landings to prepare you immediately for the next step.

YDAs are indicated for the following therapeutic uses:

  • Management of forefoot pain
  • Biomechanical problems of movement
  • Management of rehabilitation phases
  • Diabetic foot not at risk
  • Metatarsalgia and Polyarthritis

The secret is in our patented and tested technologies to give each foot the well-being it deserves .