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Article: When to wear Yda?

Quando indossare Yda?

When to wear Yda?

Con le YDA non hai bisogno di chiederti: "Dove posso andare con queste scarpe?"

Infilale e scopri dove ti portano. 

Created for daily comfort, they are always ready for a walk and a last-minute evening out.
Our Rocker Sole will take you straight to the finish line of your day, no matter if you walk on level ground, up the office stairs, zigzag your way through people on crowded streets, or dance to the beat of music. In any circumstance, the YDA Rocker bottom will cushion your landings to immediately prepare you for the next step.
YDAs are indicated for the following therapeutic uses:
Management of forefoot pain
Biomechanical problems of movement
Managment of rehabilitation phase
Diabetic foot not at risk
Metatarsalgia and Polyarthritis
The secret is in our patented technologies
and tested to give each foot the well-being it deserves.

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Perchè scegliere YDA?

Why choose YDA?

YDA sneakers are designed to offer the highest level of comfort and support. Combining innovative technology, ergonomic design and premium materials, YDA sneakers offer a level of comfort that can'...

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