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Many of you have written to us lately to find out what the differences are. Let's see them together in the article below.

YDA , the company's core brand, is the acronym for Your Daily Activity , i.e. a line of sneakers that facilitates active movement in the contemporary environment through technologies inspired by biomechanics to enhance and replace, where necessary, human joint and motor functions.

Vault was launched in 2018 and quickly gained the trust of orthopedists and podiatrists around the world, becoming today one of the most recommended models in the prevention sector.
Thanks to technology focused on comfort and biomechanics, the Vault offers numerous benefits to individuals who suffer from foot problems such as flat feet, plantar fasciitis or hallux valgus. They are designed to provide adequate support to the arches, responsive cushioning capable of reactivating the microcirculation and uniform distribution of body weight.
Not only that, they are aimed at all those who want to improve their well-being by walking.

What have we improved?

We have optimized the fit to ensure maximum comfort. Now not only is the fit still the same, but we've made the fit 11 even more precise. Whether you have a thin or wide foot, you can count on an ideal fit.

Furthermore, we have introduced an extra grip to ensure greater stability during movements. Now, not only does this offer excellent grip on the ground, but it has been designed to match the upper of the shoe, an additional detail that gives an elegant but bold look to the new Vault .
Given the numerous requests, we have included longer Easy-laces to facilitate closing the shoes on all types of feet. You are finally free to adjust them according to your preferences!

What are you waiting for? Discover the new Vaults!

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